An eXtensible Car Description format with ATL COM (XCD - C#)

How would you select a personal car? There are about 50 major car manufacturers that provide informationcar-by-car about their models, there are specialized sites too. Would it be time-saving and convenient to have in one file pictures and descriptions of all cars released by a specific manufacturer in a specific year? Say when you are interested in cars released by Honda in the year 2011, you need to download one file only and you can analyze specs on-line or off-line on your platform of choice. This article assumes a positive answer and defines an eXtensible Car Description or XCD format for describing cars in a collection that groups cars by Make (car manufacturer) and Year so that any one file with an extension .CAR has all relative pictures and quick specifications. The article provides an API for browsing CAR files on any platform compatible with Win32. In fact, a set of CAR files representing all car manufacturers is compact in size and easy to browse and analyze on any desktop or mobile platform. Samples of programs that read CAR files are available with the download.

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