SharpKonquest (C#)

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This is an online game based in the famous Linux game Konquest. The text in the game is in Spanish, but it's easy to translate to other languages.

Using the Code

The game uses a lot of different components, custom controls, and classes. For online communication, it uses a special class for sending and receiving commands, that compresses the data into LZMA format (see here). The program uses the ReflectionPicture that I made, and some controls like the Office2007StatusStrip by Tenschman or Office2007 Renderer by Phil Wright. It also uses some code from CodeProject articles for the Vista-Style controls.
There are two principal components:
  1. The client, SharpKonquest.exe
  2. The server, Servidor.exe
An instance of the server needs to be open for playing a game.
For online game, the game uses the 4444 port that needs to be open for play.

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