Puzzles Solver (Android)


Puzzles Solver is an application that I've uploaded to the Android Market some time ago. The idea for the application came from an old CodeProject article. In that article, I have presented a collection of some well known puzzles along with a mechanism for computer solving them. The puzzles were implemented as Java Applets, so it was easy to port them to Android platform. The application provides the following games:
  • 8 Queens: The player needs to place 8 queens in a chess board, so that no one attacks another.
  • Knight Tour: Guide a knight through all the squares of a chess board and return to the beginning.
  • Solo: Jump over pegs to remove them. Remove all but the last peg.
The application provides variations for all the games. It can also solve the puzzle for you. No pre-stored solutions are used. Instead the application tries to compute a solution on the fly, by applying a simple brutal-search algorithm.
In this article, I want to present all the design decisions I've made and the patterns I've followed, while developing the application. I hope that readers of the article will find them useful and perhaps re-use them on their own applications.

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