Fruit Catcher Game (Android with libgdx)



The last couple of years a lot of cross-platform game frameworks have emerged. These frameworks came to fill a gap that due to the growing interest for mobile games and the diversity of the platforms kept getting bigger and bigger. And today is easier than ever before to adopt a game engine and develop your first game. The most difficult part is to select the proper gaming framework. However, from all the available options there is one that clearly stands out: libgdx. These are some of the features of libgdx that make it one of a kind:
  • Cross platform: Deploys on Desktop, Android, HTLM5 and iOS (with the aid of RoboVM)
  • You can debug and test your game in a desktop environment and then deploy it for the Androidplatform with almost zero effort.
  • Great performance
  • Good documentation, excellent community support
  • Many features for 2D and 3D games.
  • Friendly Open Source license (Apache 2.0). It can be freely used for commercial applications.
In this article I am going to provide an overview of the libgdx. A simple 2D game, called "Fruit Catcher" will be used as an example. In this game fruits fall off the sky. You carry a basket and you move it around, either by touching the screen or sliding your phone, to catch them. To make it more interesting seasonal fruits worth more points. You of course know that you must prefer seasonal fruits! Since, as I said, libdgx documentation is very good, I am not going to cover basic information here. You can read how to set up and run a project in the Wiki. You can also read how to create a simple game and how to extend it to use Game Screens. Here I am going to cover some important game concepts and also provide tips that will help you move from a sample game to one that is ready to be deployed in the market. Although libgdx is a cross-platform framework, emphasis will be given on deploying for the Android platform.
Before starting writing code however, we must cover two topics that are important for game designing.

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