EnigmaPuzzle (Android)


Welcome to the Enigma Puzzle App – a game as difficult as the Rubik's cube.A few weeks ago, I posted an article about a game I've written with C#. This article here reports on the porting of this program to the Android platform. You can read the original CodeProject article about the game -EnigmaPuzzle. There you can find information about the game and how it is implemented with C#. I will not repeat that here. Since this is my first Java program with more then 10 lines of code and the first Android App at all, I used a lot of time to Google for examples and tips on how things have to be done in Java and/or on the Androidplatform. A lot of things are very different from the way I am used to program and I had to find a way to implement it (maybe sometime it's not the right way). Some keywords may be: ActivityLayoutPreferencesand SurfaceView. But quite a lot of things are also very similar to C# and .NET. For example, the base syntax of C# looks almost like Java. And the best thing is that the basics to draw graphics to the screen are very similar. There are BitmapsPaths and other graphic objects on both systems and they are used in similar ways.

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