School Management System (PHP)

AROX School ERP is a web based school management system that enables school to use and operate many of integrated interrelated modules and manages the administration of school efficiently. Due to its ever growing and competitive nature, the education sector has always been in need of a quality solution to manage and serve the school resources efficiently. It sector is giving number of solutions to schools like smart classroom, digital learning solutions and school management system to make learning easier and manage school administration effectively. Today educational institution is not limited to imparting education alone, but it is adapting latest trends in it for improving the quality of education and handling various activities of school including admissions, class management, library management, logistics, inventory, fee management, certificate, accounts etc. We offer AROX School ERP which simplifies and automates schools administration process. The school management system is accurate and reliable and can be conveniently accessed from school internet as well as from the public internet. It is fully browser based school management system which also includes virtual campus which can be linked with school portal and contains powerful online access to bring parents, teachers and students on a common interactive platform. Yet another advantage of the ERP system is that it runs on minimal hardware and easily fits in the budget of schools. In ERP users have role based access rights which tightly models existing schools hierarchy. AROX School ERP is totally customizable according to the needs of school.

Major Benefits

  • Transparency in School Operations.
  • Single System To Manage All School Related Information From Anywhere In The School.
  • Parents Have Access To All Academic Information About Their Wards Through The Internet.
  • Availability of Real-Time Up To Date Information.
  • Better Management of School Academic Process & Administration.
  • Instant Access to Required Information and Activities of the School.
  • A Centralized System Which Makes Reporting Possible At One Place.
  • AROX School ERP Is A Web Based Application.
  • Easy Access through a Web Browser Having an Internet Connection.
  • Keeps Parents Up To Date with Their Ward’s Progress in School.
  • Integrated With Bulk SMS Software For Sending Specific SMS Alerts.
  • Online Registration, Easy Follow-Up and Admission.
  • Better Interaction between Parents, Teachers & School Management.
  • Efficient Computing Centralized Storage, High Memory And Fast Process.
  • Integration of Academic Calendar, School Notices and Other Activities.
  • High Level Security at Application Level User Level and Program Level.
  • Big Savings in Person-Hours.
  • Generate All Important Certificates/ Notices On Single Click.
  • Effective Communication between Teachers, Parents and Students.
  • Automatic 24 Hour Backup and Restore Facility.
  • Cost-Effective One Point Solution for Total School Management.

Modules of ERP:

  • Fees Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Certificate/ Notice Creation and Printing
  • Examination & Results
  • Class & Time Table Management
  • School Bus/Transportation Management
  • Financial Accounts Management
  • Purchase and Store Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Event Management
  • Front Office Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Employee Management.(Leave, Tax, Pay Slip, Deduction)
  • Notification Management
  • Hostel Management
  • ID Card Printing
  • Security Management- Visitors. Record, Report
  • Notice Board
  • Library Management
  • Videos
  • Photo Gallery
Username/ Password: admin/ student/ staff

Tanks Dawn of Steel (C#)

Tanks Dawn of Steel is a shooting game which you have to defend yourself against incoming enemies for as long as you can. For every enemy that you destroy, you will receive a coin as a score. The game has 10 stages and every stages more enemies are coming. This game will challenge your skills in aiming and shooting objects that are moving towards you. Along your way to the end you can get power ups like power bullets which your tank can shoot multiple bullets to eliminate enemies easily, a shield which will protect you from attacking enemy and a life that will help you stay in the game longer.

Performance Indicator System (PHP)

This system features a purchase reservation on the dealer side, and system management in both the admin and staff side. Also, in the stock side, it can update stocks of products.
1. Download the code file.
2. Extract the folder in your localhost server.
3. Upload the included database. To upload the database, go to your PhpMyAdmin and create a database and name it opils. Click opils database, click import and import the database located in db folder of this file. Click go and wait until the db is uploaded.
4. After uploading the database, enter localhost/opils on your browser.
Use the following accounts to access the system:
Username: admin
Password: admin
Username: julyn
Password: juyln
Username: clene
Password: clene
Stock in-charge:
Username: rudy
Password: rudy
You're free to modify or change the system depending on your preference.
I hope this can help you. Happy coding :)