This system also has a responsive design compatible with mobile devices.
The functions of this system are:
For the admin side of the system
  • Add, edit, Item information
  • Add, edit, Delete Department
  • Register Employee or personnel
  • Add,Edit, Delete, admin user and Guest user
  • Add, edit, Delete, Employee or personnel information
  • Assign and relaese item
  • Borrow Item and Returned
  • Transfer Employee who Borrow Item in different Department,
  • Checking Returned item status whether in good condition or defective
  • Returned item if good condition can be realease again and mark as Re-use
  • Can Generate report every trasaction
  • Can update Defective item whether referable or Dump
  • View Release and returned item
  • View log-in trail of the admin and Guest user
  • View System activity log

Admin login
UN: jonremus
Pass: admin1
Note: I uploaded this system revise to my previous system knows as Technology Resource Inventory System (TRIS), this is not fully completed but the major function is completed, for those interested kindly download this, hope this system can really help you.
Thanks and enjoy coding ^_^

The Tenant Directory Management System has 4 major functions:
It has a directory page wherein a color-coded map is displayed. This map shows occupied stall of VCC in green color while the vacant stalls are in red color.
The TDMS also records the monthly payments of each respective tenant and automatically calculates the remaining balance for the particular month. It also allows the admin to update active and inactive tenants of the building.
The system generates several reports such as the active and inactive tenants, the tenants previous and current stall location and the monthly lease payments and electric consumption.
Activity log is also established to track all the transactions made by the user.
The following are the modules included in this system:
  • Directory
    • Ground Floor
    • Second Floor
    • Wet Market

  • Tenants

  • Change Tenants Location

  • Stalls

  • Payments
    • Lease Payments
    • Electric Consumption Bills

  • Activity Logs

  • Reports
    • Active Tenants
    • Inactive Tenants
    • Electric Consumption
    • Lease Payments
    • Tenants Location
    • Electric Graphical Reports


  1. Extract the files into you htdocs folder (if you’re using XAMPP).
  2. Create a database called “vccdms” and import the file named “vccdms.sql” under the root directory.
Account Info
User: admin
Pass: admin

Here is a program which will tells you about your weight. If you enter the value below 80 kg then it will shows that you are underweight else overweight.
Here i also putted a limit of 1000 kg. If you enter the value 1000 then the program will close automatically.
I hope this program will help you to learn about if else and nested if else statement in c.

Sharing you the source code of this simple fighting game created in java[eclipse]. You will learn character animation, basic interaction and some AI implementation.

This system allows you to record the ins and outs of items that belong to ICT Laboratory.
This is useful if you want to keep track the inventory of your item. Like how many items left and or borrowed.
The purpose of this system is very simple, it allows borrowing and returning of items.
The borrower first makes a reservation if the item is available.
Here’s the list of modules included:
  1. Transactions
    • Reservation
    • Borrowed Items
    • Returned Items
  2. Item
  3. Borrower
  4. Inventory
  5. Graph
  6. History
Account Info
User: admin
Pass: admin123

A Mini Typing Master Game Coded and Compiled using Visual Studio 2010
1. Install Gunplay3D.ttf first. Don't worry font is included in the archive
2. Visual Studio 2010 or later versions
How To Play:
Just like Typing Master Game, Try to type the word(s) inside the box while
it is going down as fast as you can. Score is determined by the numbers on the left or right side
of the box where the word is completely typed. If you failed to type the word
correctly, it will move to the next word and your life will decrease by one.
If life is equals to zero then GAME OVER. The higher your score is, the faster
the next word will drop.

Simple program to generate random card, and test your ability to recall.
This is a very simple random card generator that test and time your ability to recall the cards that were generated.

The purpose of this system is to keep the records of employees under the Human Resource Department to maintain the private information of the personnel like 201 files (job-related files). It will also help you generate reports easily.
The system is developed using PHP, particularly using PDO extension and Bootstrap.



  • Personnel
  • Designation
  • Position
  • Rank
  • Department
  • Files

Dowload Files

  • Personnel Birthday Notification
  • Retain Personnel Previous Records
  • Generate Reports
Username: admin
Password: admin

A system created for catering services using Bootstrap and MySqli for online reservations to organize the schedule of reservations to avoid conflicts with the availability of catering, this includes the capability to generate unique reservation code for security purposes.
This system will help to reduce time to generate reports and process reservations.
  • View Menu Details
  • View Events
  • Schedule Reservation
  • View Reservation Status
  • Reservation Notification
  • Add/Edit/Delete Menus
  • Manage Messages
  • Maintenance
  • Generate Reports

Due to the insistent basketball community demands, basketball timer is created based from the previous revisions I make about the game timer, which doesn't fit in the demands of tournament committees and Referees. I update the features and come up of a newer platform this time in VB.NET. If you got questions and some recommendations about this project make sure to leave a comment so I can go over and make some revisions.